Logan Ventures operates a boutique private equity fund where we periodically work with a small group of private investors. Through utilizing our existing expertise and partnerships, we generate profits by leveraging advanced market risk management techniques.
Logan Ventures combines the unique experience, expertise, talent, education and skills of its team members to help organizations not only plan, organize, and resource specific goals, but have the capabilities to aid in execution. Our process is always aimed at implementing beneficial change and adding value to an organization. Anything from research projects and change implementation strategies to strategic global business decision-making events.
Business Analysis is a term that many throw around like cannon fodder. We are able to identify business needs and develop business problem solving strategy as relates to, but not limited to systems development, process improvement, organizational change, strategic planning and policy development for businesses looking to continue or increase their success. And we are able to do this smarter, faster and cheaper than others in the industry while being more efficient.
We help clients create the name, the term, the symbol, the image that they want to represent themselves in the eyes of the world. From concept to creation we help deliver a clear message that confirms creditability in the industry of choice and helps motivate people and businesses seek our customers out. The entire process is dedicated to promoting growth and loyalty for individual products, entire product lines or an entire business platform.
Many people see security as one-dimensional. In today’s environment it has to be 360 degrees and three-dimensional. Specializing in physical security and analysis, we also realize that there is an emerging cybersecurity threat to doing business. We can help our clients navigate the challenges of today and tomorrow on almost any scale. Social engineering is our specialty. We can conduct threat analysis all the way to actual penetration testing if so desired.
Our creative team can do for large and small businesses alike. Marketing strategies and framework and all the nuts and bolts can be customized and crafted by our boutique talent. Web design, logo design, business card design, social networking campaigns and anything you can think of, we can probably make it happen. If we don’t, we know someone who can. The world wide web is still the new frontier. Our team of pioneers is on the cutting edge of research in that field.
Our trusted and vetted team has the capabilities to manage the social media arm of large and small organizations with monitoring, contributing to, filtering, measuring and otherwise guiding the social media presence of a brand, product, individual or corporation with the finesse and style anyone might desire.
Many organizations and individuals have looked to the expertise of Logan Ventures to collaborate on the most up to date, expert research when it comes to real estate and area studies. The real value of information is often overlooked. We have the capabilities to provide raw data, statistics, imagery, in depth analysis, field studies, surveys and more for industries that include, but are not limited to investments, real estate, marketing, and security.
Most businesses need a third party, an unbiased professional look at how their employees and processes are really working. Often organizations don't need consultation to make improvements, they need real-time information and don't want to pay exorbitant prices to get the information they need. We can provide much more than a secret shopper with this high quality services.

We are your true boutique for almost any venture